• “Excellent Facial treatment. Beautiful and relaxing. Kind staff..Very enjoyable”

Tami M.  5/9/17


  • “Raquel was wonderful!
    I will definitely be back! Nice place with an incredible staff!
    Thank you!”

Docas O.  5/9/17


  • “As always, Be Well Massage, is friendly, and professional.”

Mark K.  5/6/17


  • “I saw Patrica. And I am in love!!!!! Adding her to my care team over my body was the perfect choice. She really knows her stuff. She is very intelligent and equally sweet and caring. I cannot wait to see her again.”

Kendra McLane E.  5/5/17

  • “I had a session with Mali. I am very appreciative and amazed how she is able to listen and tune in. My hip still feels bunched up and at the same time I feel the unwinding happening.”

                 Jennifer 9/16/16


“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving massages from several different therapists (Lisa, Mali, Ashley, and Susan) at Be Well Massage Therapy and all have delivered massages that meet or beat my expectations. With there expertise, I expect to recover from the auto accident whiplash in a quick manner.”

Kimberly H.


“Ashley is wonderful! She has returned me to a place of normal. My flexibility & normal range of motion has returned in my neck & shoulders after being rear-ended in an auto accident last June. With a ‘can do’ approach, Ashley seeks first to listen with understanding and then shares the process and how the two of you will achieve the desired results together as a team. Her skill set, along with her calming, pleasant demeanor and friendly approach, is just what my Dr. ordered, quite literally. I am very pleased and I will most definitely recommend her to others. My Dr. will also be very happy with my recovery! She is a great asset to Be Well Massage Therapy!”



“Heather was very professional, did an excellent job with my medical needs.”



“This was my first time to see Susan and it was a great experience. She was well-trained, listened to what my physical issues were and gave a GREAT massage – finding all the contributing tight spots!”



Had a great, relaxing but also rejuvenating massage. I do a lot of training (running, obstacles, etc.) and getting some of the muscle-kinks and/or minor injuries worked helps keep me healthy. Thanks Mali!


Jacob B.

“My previous massage with this therapist was upper-back focused due to a specific issue. It was OK, but didn’t seem great and was not full-body. However, this massage was fantastic! Being full-body, it started well with upper body including good work on the arms and hands. Then moving to the legs it was GREAT! Good pressure, especially on the large muscle groups; got into the glutes as well (which isn’t always common, but usually need work). Took time on foot work. All around, super-pleased with the experience.”


Jeff S.

“Jay is the best massage therapist that I’ve found, which is why I keep coming back to him. I love his style and always feel much better after a session with him. I would recommend Jay’s services to anyone and everyone looking for a great massage experience.”


“Everyone here is so nice. Jennifer was so sweet, very personable, and definitely gold at her job. She always asked if I was comfortable and okay and that’s something that’s important to me.”



“Ashley was SO effective. My painful neck much better. Easy, quiet conversation. Just what I needed.”



“I was very impressed with Ashley. Her knowledge and experience are obvious. She’s very professional and I would strongly recommend her.”



“My massage was surprisingly good. Brittany hit areas on my back that had never been accessed before, and they immediately brought more range of motion. I have had a lot of injuries (sports, car wrecks, etc), and have had a lot of massages. Brittany knows her stuff.”

Lee G.


“Very nice! My wife and I left feeling like new people!”



“The therapist was very friendly and did an amazing job! The person at the front desk was also very nice to interact with.”



“Matt has done wonders helping me with a very stressed, frozen shoulders and neck. I can move again. Thank you Matt and Be Well Massage.”

“Mali was fantastic in all ways.”
Mukilteo, WA

“This is a testimonial regarding the massage therapy I have received from Matt Harris LMP at Be Well Massage Therapy. I have been to many massage therapists in the past, looking for the person who is so good that you have no desire to ever look again or need to. Matt is superb. With Matt, massage is an art form and a science. He takes his work very serious, and tailors his work to each individual. You never leave feeling cheated and that it was just another massage. You will be quite glad you tried him.”
Frank Nieto MD, FACS
Providence Medical Group
Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery

“I have been working with Lisa for a number of years and she is awesome.
Londa L

Everett, WA


“Mali is excellent! I’ve got neck and upper back pain that I’ve been seeing her for since December. The more consistently I go, the better I feel. I was desperate for relief, so I’m pretty happy that it’s actually happening! Mali is very friendly and easy to talk to, and really great at her job.”



“Jennifer has immense attention to detail. I definitely recommend her for easing your aches and pains, especially if you have chronically tight hamstrings like I do! One of the best massages I’ve ever had, I will be returning.” 2/29/2016

“Always the best.”

Karen Shelton Johnson


“Matt was wonderful! He was able to massage a relentless kink out of my back and I feel a ton better! Thank you!”



“I have a lot of scar tissue and adhesion from injuries from playing soccer for 22 years. Also a car accident left me with a severe shoulder injury. The Therapist’s at Be Well Massage Therapy have been so Professional and able to help me. The Owner Lisa Galvez L.M.P. gives ongoing training to help her therapists work at their optimum skill level. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”
Elena Everts
Everett, WA

“Best massage ever! Therapist was knowledgeable and helped me to relax and get the most out of my massage. Environment was clean and quiet. Receptionist was friendly and helpful. I’ve already recommended Be Well to my physical therapy office and coworkers… And everyone I’ve talked with since the massage!
Lisa C.

“Lisa and her staff have always been so reliable and professional. She’s proven to be very dedicated to the needs of her clients, and it shows. Very easy to schedule an appointment and e-mail reminders are sent as well. Highly recommended.”
Joe Baker
Seattle, WA

“I have been suffering with low back pain for a few years due to an old injury. I have tried pain killers and muscle relaxers. They were just covering the symptoms not repairing the problem. I started getting regular massage therapy about 3 months ago with the staff at Be Well Massage Therapy. I am happy to say that I am pretty much pain free.”
Thank you,
Everett, WA

“Robin was in an auto accident in August of 2007 and suffered from whiplash. Be Well Massage really cares about their clients. They are professional and offer specific therapy based on individual needs. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Robin McNabb
Lynnwood, WA

“Lisa’s massages were always very effective in releasing muscle tension and tightness. You were always very professional and also very caring. My treatment was a result of a car accident and you really walked me through that process and what to expect in my treatment. I appreciate the service I received at Be Well Massage.”
Brandy Corujo
Lynnwood, WA

“I have been a client of Be Well Massage Therapy for 3-years. I come in 2 times per month. and have had great success with massage therapy. I have shoulder and lower back pain and it is always relived after a massage session. Dennis-I have been a client of Be Well Massage Therapy for over 3-years. I started when I was working a lot of overtime. Massage helped me focus, and sleep better. I also suffer with Shoulder and leg pain. I also come in 2 times per month. We love that we have our session together.”
Michelle and Dennis
Everett, WA.

“Lisa Galvez has been my therapist for close to nine years. When she first started seeing me, I had already tried numerous Therapists (at least 20) over the years for the aches and pains gathered from numerous injuries and accidents: lower back neck, knees, shoulders, hands, feet … What impressed me immediately was the extensive knowledge she has of the human body, her ability to ask probing questions, and to treat accordingly. I often felt she knew more about what I did between visits to injure myself or what happened 20 years ago to cause an ache than I did.
Lisa will adjust her treatment and pressure to individual requests and needs. She has always had good recommendations for home treatment-ones that work! Lisa is of the top quality that you recommend to your friends and family. I am very happy I found her, and have the highest respect for her professional knowledge, abilities, and gift.”
Fran Martiny
Snohomish, WA.

“I have been coming to Be Well Massage Therapy since 01-2007. I have learned many things about my body and its complex operating system. Lisa knows what she is talking about and she explains why you are experiencing discomfort and gives suggestions how to correct it. She gives a wonderful massage and is very professional and you feel comfortable and relaxed before and after. I have recommended her to my family and friends.”
Suzi Miller
Everett, WA.

“In a short amount of time the tightness in my shoulders and low back have been reduced. They encourages exercises and advises when therapy is no longer needed. I highly recommend her expertise in Massage Therapy.”
Mountlake Terrace, WA.

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