Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Modern Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture relieves pain, enhances sleep, alleviates anxiety and stress, and treats acute and chronic muscular conditions and weight loss. This form of treatment is covered by most insurance companies.

Eastern Medicine - 22 Medical Procedures

Eastern Medicine can be used to treat a variety of imbalances and disease such as; infertility, menopausal issues, digestive issues, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Nutritionals can be chosen in combinations to specifically address each patient’s unique presentation and constitution as a means to further the healing process and enhance the benefits of a Balanced Services.  


Soundwaves (Ultrasound) offer a non-invasive instrument that effectively stimulates Meridian and Acu-nerve points with ultrasound sound vibrations tuned to different therapeutic frequencies. The sound waves effectively vibrate and travel deep into the body along the energy pathways to promote healing and release the blocked and painful areas.  

Acu-Laser Therapy

Laser therapy in a non-invasive procedure that uses both far-red, infra-red and green light frequencies as a means to promote pain reduction, healing and tissue regeneration. The light waves can penetrate 2cm-7cm into the tissue to interact with the photoreceptive aspects of the cell as a mean increase intra-cellular metabolism and energy production. The use of our laser can improve both micro and macro circulation to the target area, thus reducing local inflammation. Research has shown that our laser therapy is an effective treatment for ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, joint pain, wound healing and many other concerns.

Point Injection Therapy

Point Injection Therapy combines the bodies energetic pathways with powerful homeopathic and FDA approved formulas to encourage the body to return to homeostasis.  Remedies and custom compounded natural pharmacy that are used have been developed over many years and have been in use in European countries and Eastern countries for decades. The formulas promote marked pain relief and stress reduction, as well as anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant effects. By injecting vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the body, the natural medicine is able to bypass the hepatic portal or the first pass effect. This means that less of the vitamins and nutrients are filtered out by the liver and thus can be more rapidly absorbed by the target tissue and surrounding cells. Also, by utilizing the bodies acupuncture meridians, the vitamins and medicines are synergistically enhanced by the stimulation powerful acu points.

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Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Angel's graduate studies are from Harvard Medical School, Chengdu University of TCM (PRC), Bastyr University in Kenmore where he focused on Laser Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine and Wenatchee Valley College. In addition, he is a member of the Directed Energy Professional Society and has served as a member of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, the Northwest Hospital Pain and Headache Center and the Northwest Neuro Institute Pain Board.

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