Medical Massage Insurance Benefits

Medical Massage

 Whether you are a first-time patient of massage therapy or a loyal returning customer, it is our goal that you feel confident in understanding your insurance coverage.
When you call to schedule your first appointment, we will ask you for your insurance information. Then, as a courtesy to you, we will call your insurance company directly to verify your benefit coverage and will review this information with you before you begin your first visit. We also encourage you to call your insurance carrier to find out what Massage therapy benefits are provided by your insurance medical plan prior to your visit. 

Our Insurance Billing Process

 As a courtesy to you, we will promptly file your claim with your insurance company on your behalf.  This eliminates the need for you to fill out any additional forms. 

We will bill out of network for clients who have insurance that we do not accept.  Currently we are accepting PIP clients who are seeking medical massage for auto accidents, LNI clients injured on the job (private insured and state insured), HSA (Health Savings Accounts), FSA (Flexible Savings Accounts) and First Choice.  We offer monthly memberships at a discount as well as 3 pack series at our membership rate of $79 per one hour session.  Your insurance may reimburse you for medical massage.  Please contact your insurance for more information.  

We require a Physicians' Referral

 Medical massage billed to your insurance company requires diagnosis codes.  The diagnosis of any condition being treated with medical massage must come from a  Doctor, Chiropractor, or other provider licensed to write prescriptions in the state of Washington. It is outside our scope of practice to diagnosis.  Some insurance companies state that a RX for medical massage is not required, however it is our policy that you bring in a Medical Massage Referral (RX) with diagnosis codes, if you would like us to bill your insurance. 


All Co-pays, deductibles, and balances owing, are due at the time of service.  We accept all major credit cards, checks or cash as forms of payment.  

Please note, if you have an outstanding balance with us, we do require you pay that amount prior to your next massage treatment session.