Meet our team of Massage Therapists & Estheticians

About Us

Bee (Beth) Morris - LMT - Spa Manager

Bee has worked in medical clinics and private practices since 2014. She embraces the mind/body connection and believes above all that self care is self respect. 

With medically minded massage training and background in trauma/injury work, Bee can help you work out those chronic aches and pains that have been wearing you down.  She specializes in a variety of modalities including but not limited to, prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish, abdominal massage and many more.

Bee has a great sense of humor and says "You need her to knead you"  

She's been called the "Muscle Whisperer"...

Jay Nordquist - LMT - Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

 Jay has been licensed since 2011 and is a proud graduate of Denton Massage School in Arlington, where he is also an instructor. One of the things Jay enjoys most about being a massage therapist is the opportunity to help people feel better. Every session starts with listening to the client, to assess how they are feeling that day, to then learn how to tailor the massage to what their needs are for that day. Whether you are recovering from an injury, recovering from a tough workout, or simply need a healthy way to deal with stress, he truly believes massage can help. Using Swedish massage, deep tissue, Warm Bamboo Massage, myofascial release, or a variety of other techniques, Jay considers it a privilege to assist people to feel better, more balanced, relaxed, and just healthier overall.

Alison Vail - LMT

Alison has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 18 years.  Her experience includes working with a wide spectrum of anatomical challenges with success in guiding her clients back toward structural balance.

She excels in communication and troubleshooting concerns with her clients. She has excellent listening skills as it’s important for better treatment and supporting clients desire for better health.

Deep Tissue



Pregnancy Massage

Lori Thedorff - Licensed Cosmetologist


Lori Thedorff is the newest addition to our Be Well Team. She came to Be Well from Pascale Spa in Layfayette Louisiana. She is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Washington and has been practicing in the Spa industry for over 15 years. Come enjoy a Spa Mani or Pedi in the typical Be Well fashion. Luxury never felt so good or looked so beautiful. Our exclusive Mani/Pedi suite is the perfect place to unwind. Let Lori treat you like royalty with top notch service. 

Shannon Turner - LMT

 Shannon has been a licensed and practicing therapist since 2011. She studied massage at Kaplan College in Southern California. Since then, she has worked in a chiropractic office, a massage clinic and, currently, a spa.  

Shannon believes in the importance of the client- therapist relationship.  In a comfortable environment, she encourages open communication and working together to create realistic expectations.  

Using integrated massage, Shannon likes to first: relax her client, second: get into treatment or deep tissue work; finally: relax the body once again. 

Tetre'anna Wells - LMT


Tetre’anna has been a Massage Therapist for three years and she has worked in both a clinic and spa atmosphere. She believes that open communication between therapist and client is the most important addition to the service. She is a good listener and with your open communication and her particular set of skills, she will find your pain, address it, and leave relief in it’s place. When you’re feeling stressed or tensed, an appointment with Tetre’anna you cannot miss. She’s a relaxation guru, and has a unique ability to give just the RIGHT amount of pressure. Her expertise include Swedish, Myofascial, and Deep Tissue. She has training in injury/treatment work as well as other modalities so every appointment is a customized experience for what you’re dealing with in your body in that moment and there after. Tetre’anna strives to make sure you leave Be Well Massage Skin Care Spa feeling better than you felt when you woke up this morning.

*MASSAGE THERAPIST* getting rid of pain in the butts.. DAILY.

Carol Harkness - LMT


Carol graduated from Seattle Massage School (Accredited), in May 1991. Carol has an enduring passion for helping others with the power of touch. 

She is dedicated to helping others increase their sense of well being, and reverse the negative effects of stress from every day living through deep relaxation; and through deepening the mind-body connection, and always by focusing on your needs, she gives you what you, your mind, and body will appreciate deeply. Her personal experience and knowledge of healing through massage gives her a deep understanding of how powerful massage is. 

Whether it's stress from work, sore muscles after a workout, breaking up scar tissue from an old injury, back pain, headaches, postural imbalances, healing after a car accident, dealing with anxiety, recovering from whiplash, or chronic pain, she can match the massage to meet your specific needs because life is too short not to be living it as fully as you can. 

From her lifelong study, discipline and practice of prayer, meditation, Ta'i chi, intuitive-empathic-sense, she offers you any combination of beautiful Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Craniosacral and Chi Massage.