About Us


Lisa Quinto Founder & Owner

Lisa Quinto is a long time resident and small business owner in the Mukilteo community. For over 19 years she has been building her practice and serving the community. Her healing touch as a gifted therapist has improved the lives of the injured and suffering. Mrs. Lisa has many accomplishments to be proud of on her journey of service. Her massage career was just the beginning and she is proud to announce her next healing chapter as a life coach.  A horse lover, a healer, a holistic super human, our founder and fearless leader, Lisa Quinto. 


Dr. Angel MS, DA, EAMP, HDD

Dr. Angel uses pulsed magnetic field therapy to help reduce and eliminate pain due to injuries, headaches, back and neck pain and more. Angel's graduate studies are from Harvard Medical School, Chengdu University of TCM (PRC), Bastyr University in Kenmore, where he focused on Laser Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Wenatchee Valley College. In addition, he is a member of the Directed Energy Professional Society and has served as a member of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, the Northwest Hospital Pain and Headache Center, the Northwest Neuro Institute Pain Board..

Massage Therapy

Patricia Courtney


I like to provide a relaxing environment for each of my clients.  I personalize each session according to their treatment plan.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Cupping, mofascial release and hot stones. I am now certified as a meditation and mindfulness instructor and love to integrate that into my practice.  I tailor each massage working one on one with each clients specifics.  In my spare time I enjoy time with my puppies and granddaughter.    

Jay Nordquist


Back by popular demand on his "American Vacation". Jay has been enjoying his new home in Portugal and is back for the summer to visit friends and family so this is a limited time engagement. Do not miss your chance to catch one of his open appointments! 

Jay has been licensed since 2011 and is a proud graduate of Denton Massage School in Arlington, where he is also an instructor. One of the things Jay enjoys most about being a massage therapist is the opportunity to help people feel better. Every session starts with listening to the client, to assess how they are feeling that day, to then learn how to tailor the massage to what their needs are for that day. Whether you are recovering from an injury, recovering from a tough workout, or simply need a healthy way to deal with stress, he truly believes massage can help. Using Swedish massage, deep tissue, Warm Bamboo Massage, myofascial release, or a variety of other techniques, Jay considers it a privilege to assist people to feel better, more balanced, relaxed, and just healthier overall.

Alison Vail- LMT


Alison has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 18 years.  Her experience includes working with a wide spectrum of anatomical challenges with success in guiding her clients back toward structural balance.

She excels in communication and troubleshooting concerns with her clients. She has excellent listening skills as it’s important for better treatment and supporting clients desire for better health.

Deep Tissue



Pregnancy Massage

Shaelagh Mackay LMT


Shaelagh Graduated from Arlington School of Massage in 2018.  She wanted to a be a massage therapist to help people live their best life possible.

"The human body has an amazing ability to heal. Massage stimulates and improves that ability. Massage helps to alleviate many common ailments  including stress, anxiety, depression, neck, shoulder and back pain... just to name a few.

When you feel better, Life is better! You're just one massage away from a great day!

Yunmi Jang LMT


Yun Mi was born and raised in South Korea. Her major was dietetics and cosmetology. She has over 13 years progressive experience as a licensed massage therapist. She was a massage therapist and Esthetician in Korea since 1999. She graduated from Midland Technical College in South Carolina for clinical massage in 2017. She specializes in Meridian, Acupressure, Swedish, Deep tissue, Cupping (traditional), prenatal, Hot stone massage, trigger point and many other ancient techniques including severe injury and chronic pain.

She believes that therapy is an interactive energy experience. She works with her clients to tailor each session based on their needs. 

"With only a few sessions of massage therapy a person can start to feel relief from physical stress, tension, and improve their overall health." 

She is very much in tune with the issues that clients have, allowing her to effectively determine areas that need extra attention. 

Michelle Bulman LMT


  Michelle Bulman has been a long time therapist graduating from Everest College in 2010. Michelle excels in sports massage, treatment work and pregnancy massage. In addition to being an amazing treatment work therapist, she also holds an advanced certificate as a Spa Specialist. She believes that self care is an act of self love. As a stay at home mom for the last few years and running a private practice, Michelle has the unique ability to understand the pressures of everyday life and how that can affect the body, mind, and spirit. Her pressure is best described as firm to deep. She is an excellent therapist to try if you are dealing with chronic aches and pains. 

Ian McEwen LMT


With an advanced understanding of body mechanics and an extensive background in athletics, Ian is the perfect therapist for just about everyone. As an athlete, he is strong enough to do the deepest of deep tissue, but caring and sensitive enough to understand the power of lighter tissue work. He is always willing to educate people about their bodies and believes in the power of the mind body connection. While he has a great range of pressure, we classify is pressure as medium to deep. 

Katelyn Ivelia LMT


.I have been licensed in massage since graduating from Spectrum Center School of Massage in the summer of 2011. I understand that everyone and their needs are different and I take pride in listening to each person I massage to pin point the best ways I can serve them. Whether it’s soothing relaxation, deep tissue, treatment massage, or a combination, I enjoy catering to your needs to give you the best experience possible.  here.

About Us

Curtis Thorsberry LMT



Curtis Graduated from Altierus in 2018. As treatment oriented Massage therapist my first goal is to listen to my client, then during our session I use my sense of touch to root out the cause of pain and discomfort, this allows my clients to relax. I have worked with a variety of individuals from body builders in their 20s who need deep specific work to perform in sports, to 90 year old women who need the lightest touch. Though most of my clients have come from local corporations with neck and shoulder Pain due to work stress. Most often my requests are for trigger point release, deep tissue, cupping, and Kinesiotaping, often blending aroma therapy into his massages for that added sense of relaxation. Having come from a background as a paintball referee and a clinical janitor, I seek to serve peoples' specific needs each and every visit. My focus is on growing and healing others with massage therapy and the education it provides.

Give customers a reason to do business with you.


Katarina Schick Esthetician


Katarina is our Master Esthetican  She is calm and cheerful and loves to educate people about their skin and benefits of skin care. She is a Pro at waxing & sugaring In addition to her teaching spirit, she strives to transform peoples skin and achieve their skin care goals. 

Spa Director

Leanne Ross

Leanne has a long history in the beauty and service industry. Her extensive career behind the chair has lead her to pursue and industry related career. As Be Well Spa's Director she will do all she can to help coordinate the perfect experience