Mary K.

 Be Well Massage and Skin Care Spa has a new location and I have to say, it’s amazing. They always had great services before, but now their new location compliments their services. The location is very beautiful and elegant. Also, they have added a few new things to their lineup. I highly recommend the Infrared Sauna. I use it for the Pain Relief setting since I have Fibromyalgia. I was just working a 6 day stretch and I have to say the pain was getting me down. I went in for a Sauna session and I actually did feel better the next day. I made it through my 6th day straight of work feeling pretty good. I’m excited to use it again soon. They also have a Tranquility Lounge that is very relaxing. It’s a good idea to take a few minutes after a service to just collect yourself before heading out into the world. The staff is wonderful and well educated, they are always eager to help. I have to say “thank you” to them all for all of the wonderful services. 

Phillip Dove

" Nice place friendly staff great massage highly recommend" 


Tom L. 

I love the new Be Well Massage!! The interior is completely new and upbeat! Nice and relaxing atmosphere! Great color scheme! And same professional staff!!

John Gwazdauskas

" It is difficult to express in words the relaxation, sense of well-being, care,and pampering you receive from Be Well Massage Therapists- they are amazing ! Pat and Dustin are true professionals who truly care about you. My highest recommendations!! "

Katherine M.

 Dermaplaning was great!! Kaylee did a great job explaining the process!! 

Jennifer Gregerson

" Be Well, and Jay, have been amazing forever- but their new space combines a spa feel and relaxation with the same excellent therapeutic massages. "

Margo Leonard

" I know several people that come here regularly and was referred by a friend. I have had massage at other places before, but I love Be Well Massage because they offer massage therapy as well as spa massage treatments. I saw both Megan and Lisa after my car accident and they have helped my recovery immensely. They ask great questions, are very knowledgeable, and work well with feedback. It has a great ambiance too which is lovely. "

Patrick Smith

" The new location is nice and was much more conducive to a nice massage than the previous location. Shannon gave a great deep tissue massage and was able to focus in on my problem areas. I will definitely return. "

Bradley B.

Bradley B. on 4/12/2018

Started going to Be Well Massage because of a referral. I needed help because I suffered from sciatica. I started with Eric who had great credentials. Within a couple months the.pain subsided and thanks to my treatments I had little or no Pain. I stopped going because i no longer had insurance. I started to get the aches and pains and now my new therapist Dustin has stopped the.pain in a very short time. Be Well Massage is clean friendly and only hires the best. I will continue my massage therapy because having little or no pain is worth.every dime.

Kimberly S.


Kimberlee S. on 4/8/2018

A rare find that Be Well Massage has is their infrared sauna. Time in this sauna is refreshing, relaxing and beneficial, along with the electrolyte treatment afterwards. Treat yourself to this sauna.

Mary K.


Mary K. on 3/30/2018

I love Be Well Massage and Spa. I always feel so renewed after a treatment.

Kim A.


Kim A. on 2/26/2018

Be Well Massage has welcoming and helpful receptionist staff, easy online scheduling and fantastic therapists. I've had appointments with three different therapists, and all were excellent. I highly recommend it!

Mr. & Mrs. Toman


George (Jeff) T. on 2/26/2018

My Husband and I Always Enjoy our visit's. The Therapist are very knowledgeable on what they do. Know what our bodies need at each visit. They work hard to make us comfortable & relaxed as possible. .... Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Toman

Cheryl J.

Cheryl J. on 2/18/2018

The staff are fantastic and are always so positive and friendly. I highly recommend Be Well Massage